Discover in a single dashboard

all the relevant metrics

to grow your E-Commerce.

Crecer las ventas de manera efectiva, año tras año.

What can be measured, can be improved.

In the digital world we can detect friction in the buying process by analyzing the buyer's journey. Establishing metrics (KPIs) at each point of interaction between customer and brand will show us where we are losing customers and thus act, correct and improve the performance of our online store.  



Growth Hacking analysis tools are extremely expensive (Amplitude or Mixpanel, etc.) or unfriendly (G. Analytics) for a management team to make agile, efficient decisions based on objective data.





How do I reach the potential customer and "bring him to me"

New users
Channels that bring more traffic
Most profitable channels
Most visited pages
Most visited products






How do I get them to buy once they are on my website


Product views
Add products to cart
Completed orders
Average ticket
Abandoned cart rate
Cart recovery rate
Cost of acquisition






How do I build customer loyalty so that they repeat purchase in the future

Recurring traffic
BBDD volume (records)
Emaling campaign: open and click
Second purchases




Grouzly shows you in a single dashboard all relevant metrics to grow your online store.




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